participating artists:

Julia Heyward

Noah Barker

HEAD Gallery

Hannah Weinberger

Hans-Christian Lotz

Violet Dennison

Jan Vorisek


Elisa R. Linn, Lennart Wolff



Sunday, November 13, 2016 at 6 pm


83 Pitt Street

New York, NY 10002


The present time extends between two eruptions of need, between which there is the interval of contemplation. This repetition of need shapes time, but need is not properly understood in relation to a negative state, such as lack. Repetition is essentially inscribed in need, and this fact gives form to various aspects of duration in a person’s life: rhythms (of the body), reserves (of energy), reaction times, intertwinings (of relationships).1

The world is now mediated in part by technologies that fabricate it and partly by our own minds, whose pattern-recognition routines work ceaselessly to stitch digital illusions into the private cinema of our consciousness.
The classical myths of metamorphosis explored the boundaries between humanity and nature and our relationship to the animals and the gods. Likewise, the fantastical technologies that were once the hallmarks of insanity enable us to articulate the possibilities, threats and limits of the tools that are extending our minds into unfamiliar dimensions, both seductive and terrifying.

The “blind mania to collect” of our time understands the present day as a sort of world’s fair. An exhibition, that is, where the same individual attends both as an actor (“playing a role—for most people, many roles, thus playing them all superficially and badly”) and as a spectator “wandering in search of pleasure.” That is, they are their own spectators; or rather, though it is the same thing, they collect their own life while it is passing, rather than living it.3

1 Georges Teyssot, A Topology of Everyday Constellations, MIT Press, 2013

2 Mike Jay, The reality show, aeon Magazine, 2013
3 Paolo Virno, Déjà Vu and the End of History, Verso Books, 1999 / 2015

Cos only Difference can return my friend

11/13/2016 - 11/26/2016

Noah Barker, (dispatch), 2016

installation view

Hans-Christian Lotz, Rain Over Water, 2015; Hans-Christian Lotz, Untitled, 2009

Hans-Christian Lotz, Untitled, 2009; Violet Dennison, The Use of Bodies, 2016; Hannah Weinberger, Hi, 2013

Hans-Christian Lotz, Untitled, 2009

installation view

Violet Dennison, The Use of Bodies, 2016;  Noah Barker, (dispatch), 2016

Violet Dennison, The Use of Bodies, 2016; Hannah Weinberger, Hi, 2013

HEAD Gallery, Mo-Leeza Roberts, 2015

installation view

Jan Vorisek, Ohne Titel (Rented Body), 2015

installation view

Julia Heyward, The Visit, 1993

Noah Barker, (dispatch), 2016

Noah Barker, (dispatch), 2016